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Grow Sustainability Consulting was founded with the vision of contributing in the creation of a just and sustainable world through purpose-led mobilization of resources. 

Our mission is to help organizations grow in a sustainable way by making meaningful human connections. 

Our goal is to deliver sustainability expertise organizations by providing consulting services that can be scaled to meet the needs of all kinds of organizations and improve their performance through the development and implementation of ESG (Environment- Society- Governance) which ultimately create value.

We are passionate about tackling the challenges facing society today and we know that no single individual, organization or even sector can do it alone. We adopt a cross-sector approach to our clients and partners, working with diverse organizations that are unified in their desire to create value and deliver change.

We truly believe in the power of mobilizing resources for the greater good, and want to help those with resources, manage them in a way that has the biggest positive environmental and social impact but is also sustainable enough to ensure they can do it over and over.


About Sustainability

Building resilience. Generating shared value.

Organizations are facing increased pressures to be sustainable and responsible, whether that’s from clients, employees, regulatory bodies, shareholders, or other relevant stakeholders. Value is not only defined in financial terms, but it is also measured by positive and sustainable societal and environmental impact. Corporate responsibility is more than just making a donation. It is about making real contributions to your community and the world at large, even if no one is watching.

Contributing to a sustainable future will bring a range of benefits. In the short term you will benefit from enhancement of your ESG credentials, meeting and moving ahead of pressures from regulators and stakeholders and finding efficiency-based cost savings too.

Long term benefits include enhanced stakeholder and investor support, lower risks in your value chain, enhanced brand and reputation, better employee relations and knowing you are doing the right thing for our children and grandchildren. 

Sustainability as a driver of value.

Sustainability is sometimes seen as a cost rather than a value creator however, sustainability can drive innovation, brand differentiation and win business.  Sustainability is about bridging the gap between profit and purpose.

Sustainability is an organisational change issue. You can have the best plan in the world for your sustainability, but it can still fail if it is not effectively embedded into business priorities, processes, rewards and culture. We identify the essential elements of culture creation to drive meaningful  change in your organisation.


that drive positive social and environmental impact

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For Business

We partner with purpose driven organizations of all sizes, from publicly listed corporations to SME’s to advance and deliver their ESG agenda across their operations by maximizing their performance, sustainability and impact.

For Non-profits

We help NGOs, nonprofits, foundations and charitable organizations develop sustainability and fundraising strategies by building on their capabilities to deliver the greatest impact.

Volunteering Group

Our Competitive Edge



We believe that the best solutions are created in collaboration with other experts.We focus on how sustainability can bring you a competitive advantage— beyond compliance and regulatory issues. We look at the entire spectrum of sustainability issues that are important in your industry and your business model.


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"Sustainability Repurposed – this is the essence of the value shared by GROW in our Sustainability Journey. We are very pleased to cooperate with a consultant who truly comprehends the responsibility dimension of ESG and adds value to our efforts. GROW has successfully redefined our Sustainability mission towards becoming the Socially and Environmentally Responsible Leading Procurement partner of choice in the Marine and Trading Ecosystem.”

Spiros Tsigaridas, Compliance & Sustainability Senior Manager, GenPro

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A few words about/ from our founder

Irene is a communications professional specializing in sustainability related issues and stakeholder engagement.  Leveraging 20 years of experience having held leadership positions in organizations from various industries such as advertising, NGO/fundraising & marketing/ PR, she has used CSR disciplines in both the business and civil society sectors. Irene works with organizations of all sizes to maximize the impact of their sustainability strategies by communicating how these are making a difference in their business and our world.

“I believe that solving the world’s most challenging societal problems requires new ways of thinking and behaving both on a personal and collective level. Meeting your organization’s objectives is best done through innovations that address society's needs and challenges.”

Irene Loucaides
Managing Director & Social Impact Strategist

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Updates & Resources

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If we seem like a good fit for your organization, the next step is to contact us.  We'll get some preliminary information about your company, then provide you with a quote for the kickoff engagement.  

Regardless of whether you choose to work with us or not, remember that external consultants are just a stopgap. The most meaningful effort happens inside your organization with your own people.

So let's get this conversation started!

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